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Rail Mount

Common Uses: Vertical and Horizontal Round, Oval and Square Rails/ Railings and Chairs with a Rail or Tubular Frame, handle on back of seat on many jet ski's Rail or Tube diameters this mount will fit: ♦ Round Rails with .75-1.67 inch diameter (Horizontal). ♦ Round Rails with .5-1.67 inch diameter (Vertical). ♦ Square Rails .75-1.5 inch diameter (Horizontal). ♦ Square Rails .5-1.67 inch diameter (Vertical). Dimensions: 6.2" L x 2.75" W x 3.1" H (Height of screw plate). Contents: 1 - Rail Mount with hardware (silver powder-coated aluminum); 4-2" SS screws and hex wrench (included), Rubber Rail Protector.
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Manufacturer: Protecht Mantis


Choose a railing that will provide a sturdy mounting base for Mantis

immediately behind the desired seating/standing area.



Wrap the provided thin plastic sheet around rail. Cut to size as desired. With a

5/32 allen wrench unscrew the screws and align mount parts to rail and start

each screw. Tighten all 4 cap screws securely being sure to use the supplied lock

washers. Note: For vertical rail applications rotate the smaller mount part 90

degrees before inserting and tightening screws. We recommend that you

apply a small amount of anti corrosion solution such as Corrosion Block to the

screws during installation and occassionally thereafter for optimal results.



Now place the Mantis assembly onto the vertical post of the bracket, and lock in place. Refer to the manual supplied with Mantis for detailed instructions.

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