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Bimini Shade Fiberglass Boat Umbrellas
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    Boat umbrella fiberglass marine

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Why Do you Need a Bimini Shade Boat Umbrella?

With Spring and summer almost upon us, it is time for all us fisherman and boat folks to get our water craft ready for the awaiting adventures in the great outdoors.  

Global Warming?

But in Florida, it is March and the heat is already here. The temperture is already almost 80 degrees.  In the next coming months, the heat will rise to uncomfortable levels where you have to find shade and have extreme sun protection products to have any fun.  If you don't you will fry. It is important to avoid the sun as much as possible to avoid sunburns and skin cancer.  Doing this, you can quit giving your monthly donations to the dermatoligist.

Climate Changing?

Remember the days when we used to laugh at the sun?  We could fish all day to our heart's content with just a pair of swim shorts.  Now, You need a wide brimmed hat, gloves, spf rated clothing.  It is even recommended to wear a sun gaiter to protect you head and neck. Even with all these options, make sure to throw on some heavy marine sun block to protect the skin that is not covered.  I love it when you hear there is no global warming or climate change happening.

Need Shade on a Boat in 2016?

Onboard there are numerous options to come up with shade, however I believe the Bimini Shade Umbrellacontinues to be the most cost-efficient as well as realistic solution.  Starting at less than $250, this shade system is unequaled.  The ribs are fiberglass which will bend with the wind without breaking or cracking.  The canapy is manufactured with marine grade Sunbrella.  The Base is resin plastic.  The pole is powdercoated marine quality aluminum.

Bimini Shade Set Up

It is  is incredibly simple and fast.  Start by finding 4 opposite points where you can loop the 4 straps such as railings, cleats or rod holders - anything where you can loop the strap end.  Next, leave the strap ends with the male couplings on the floor near where you are going to setup the umbrella.  Postion the resin plastic umbrella base in the center, insert the bottom pole into the base. Then, insert the umbrella and top pole into botttom pole.  The next step, raise the umbrella canapy and pin into the highest position.  Final step, clip the 4 strap male coupling into the female couplings on the  umbrella and adjust straps snugly.

For convenience, the umbrella breaks down to two pieces where it can be stored in your fishing rod compartment or closet.  An optional Sunbrella storage bag is offered as well.

As for motoring, put the umbrella down if you are under power.  It now will only take seconds to put up and down.  Add the boat spead, wind speed and beer, you are looking for disaster.  We cannot emphasize this enough!!!  Ever hear of complaints of the heat when a stiff breeze is blowing in your face?  Put it down!  Clearance is never an issue for -  just put it down in  seconds when coming to a low bridge.  Have two boats, you can easily share the umbrella between the two.

Traditionally, there is only shade found in one spot on the boat.  You can only find it under your T top or your bimini top.  But now... this shade system offers the convenience of covering a larger area anywhere on the boat.  When the sun moves, you can move the Bimini Shade.  If you need more coverage, Lost Bwana offers larger marine umbrellas including a 9 foot and 11 foot canopy.

Being the captain you need to protect your crew, guests and children form the harmful rays of the sun.

We provide shade for the "Great Outdoors".

 Fish from dawn to dusk with the Bimini Shade Boat Umbrella. 





Bimini Shade 7 1/2 Foot Fiberglass Boat Umbrella

Boat Umbrella 7 1/2 foot

Fiberglass Marine Umbrella 9 Foot

Boat Umbrella 9 foot

Bow Rider

Boat Umbrella 7 1/2 foot